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How To Use A Galician Oil Lamp

Before lighting the lamp, check if all parts are operational and free from damage. Make sure that the wick length is sufficient, what this means is lower end is placed at the bottom of the font and is completely submerged in lamp oil. The upper end should protrude far enough to enable you to light it.

When you fill up the lamp for the first time, after a long time of inactivity or after wick replacement, wait a while, so the wick soaks up the lamp oil in a sufficient degree to light it. Make sure that the amount of lamp oil does not exceed the safe level.

To light the lamp remove the lampshade, then the chimney and set the wick length by using the winder, light the wick and adjust flame height with the setting knob. Then replace the chimney, the lampshade and put the lamp in a safe level place.

 Burn Height 

8 most important rules of using an oil lamp:
1. Always use only good quality mineral lamp oil or clear kerosene.

2. Always place the oil lamp on a firm, robust and non-flammable surface.

3. Always allow the lamp to cool down before taking away.

4. Always allow the lamp to cool down before cleaning.

5. The oil lamp is not a toy, keep it away from children and animals.

6. Never overfill the fuel font, the lamp should stay alight for 12 hours when filled up to to with a high quality fuel.

7. The wick length should be adjusted to ensure it omits white light. Do not lower the wick too far as it will drop into the fuel font.

8. Do not leave the burning lamp unattended.




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